I felt something in the wind…

#np Closer – Goapele

I felt something in the wind, something powerful and profound. More mystical than logical, with no sense of time or place. Tickling to the mind, teasing to the heart. Its touch was the softest feeling to ever make its way into my life; its memories still haunting me to the present.

It came to me when I was lost, wandering about the prosaic plains that adorn this land. When the clouds floated coolly across the skies, and we drifted slowly in the opposite direction. When we had but dreams and ambition fuelled by passionate desire. Lives filled with relentless bouts of debauchery, and bubbling with effervescent energy. The hustle and toil of youth, what it was. With nothing of any more sense than the other.

Fear we knew not, courage we had much. Yet time carried with it the most senseless indulgences. Ever losing its way in a stagger of pointless fortification. Satisfying its own malicious caprice with one very voluptuous appetite. Parading its dirty linen with the diligence of a war-time sergeant. Giving humanity reason to no more believe in pure love, and honest submission. Setting the stage for a cruel summer, hot tempered and flaring with hurt-filled emotion. All because it could.

I felt something in the wind, one awfully cold afternoon. In the midst of a period long gone and not to be recovered. It came to me like a virgin peri at dusk. Neck filled with embelishments, body possessed of remarkable ecstasy and covered in heavenly redolence. Long and divine legs, flowing from a waist assuredly moulded in the empyrean courts. Fighting all the norms mother nature imposes on humanity. With soft, supple breasts perking underneath the silk, her entire body seemed to be aching for soft, pink lips by which to kiss her, and a throbbing body to be in communion with. Her bright, innocent eyes teasing the senses of time and space, her soft, supple touch like the feel of an angel’s hair. Wrecking the establishment of any right man’s conscience. Causing havoc to the internal composure of the masculine self. Leaving many a man in the company of misery, and filled with bloated regret. At the lost chance, and the oblivious promise of a second meeting. Which second meeting?

The one with this feeling, this desire, this demon possessed of fantastical obsession. A demon with a smile so bright yet teeth so crooked. Internally felt, outwardly hidden. Yet naked enough for all who cared to see. Determined to surmount whatever obstacles that lay along its path. Insuperable or not, none of that really mattered. All that was worth a second thought, was that instant. That very moment of existence. When the very ends of the earth seemed close enough to touch with the bare hands. When the music in your ears took on a different tune, echoing throughout your frame. The soft and sweet melodies getting you in a trance, as the beautiful voice caressed your thoughts. Leaving your mind floating in a wallowy goo of emotion, your heart nonexistent.

Your body felt something. Something unworldly. Something eternal. Your will to attain this object of your missing heart’s desire was renewed. The cups of like and love both running over. For once, the voices in your head and the blood in your veins were all in agreement – “She/He is yours.” For she smiled at you, face radiant with beauty, and allowed herself into your arms. He too winked at you. Giving you the whitest smile your eyes ever laid sight upon. His muscular frame so appetising to your craving. The strength of your mutual attraction sparking fire-flames in your bodies, as she made her lips yours, and you made your body hers.

And somewhere in the darkness of your heart, you saw a glimmer of light. Faint and distant, but definitely there. A tune of lavished intention belted out from the core of your soul. While the distant stars in the skies above danced to the sound of your music. But did you get to play the entire song?

I felt something in the wind, one day as I slept soundlessly, maybe even noisily. It had me writhing in delight, as I dreamt of its possibility. Taking in the everlasting scenes that ran through my mind. Ceaselessly enjoying the rhythm of my heart. Desire coursing all through my body.

So I beat on. Chasing that star that shines so brightly in the sky. Hoping to some day catch that which I felt in the wind. Even if for one lifetime. This lifetime.

For I really did feel something in the wind. Today morning, at 0400 HRS. What was it? May the reader conclude upon that which the writer has been unable to put in words.

#np Young and Beautiful – Lana Del Ray