Eating With Your Privates

Waitresses. The service industry’s cherry on the top of a poorly cooked pie of doggy goulash.

Am I ranting? Not just yet. Is this a sexist post about waitresses? Nope. But they do have a role to play. Read on, you might end up understanding why the clouds out today are purple.

So we, I and my significant other, are randomly hotfooting through the streets of Nairobi when the *urge* overwhelms us. The urge to indulge in this heavenly pleasure that hits all the spots you never thought you had, or even existed. That which caresses the senses and takes you on a wild goose chase after your departing morals. In agreement that we both need to release our pent up energies, we head off to a certain locale just a spit-throw away from the National Archives. Continue reading


Bad Company

You know how an author starts a blog by welcoming his/her future readers….. Uuuum!!! Not going to happen here. A few minutes ago I wanted to wash my clothes but there was no water, so here I am writing.

I am LOST. Not because there was no water, just LOST in life. I am 26 years and this moment in time I feel like I am going round in this big circle called life. There are a couple of reasons that make me feel like this but I will highlight one. Continue reading

Humble Beginnings

A year ago, I and my girlfriend kissed the employment sector goodbye. Decisions we each made individually and borne of absolutely different circumstances. The one thing we both had in common though, apart from being a couple, was that we were driven by the same dream. A dream bigger than the dead end jobs we were in could afford us. One that extended way beyond our realms of comfort and glided adrift clouds of ambition.

You see, we have a gluttonous desire to actually ‘live’ every day and experience it like it was our last, and we both wanted something more for ourselves other than a fat paycheck and job security. None of that gave us any satisfaction. Salary at the end of the month with no time to enjoy or live life in its fullest capacity was but ash to our tongues. Tasteless. Lacking in any sort of allure to tickle our interest in ‘eight-to-five’s’ no further than a child is excited by a dry stick lying on a lawn. Continue reading