Loneliness, and all that it is

Loneliness is an interesting feeling. A cold, cynical absurdity that drags us down deserted tracks of desperation. An otherness that leaves you floating around in a lifeless daze, drifting farther and farther into a desolate darkness devoid of humanity. A world where there is but one feeling: EMPTINESS.

The relentless companion stripped of all emotion and impoverished in affection. One who steers your boat towards the rising tides and incoming storms, as you cling on to the sails of your heart with dear despair. Hoping, praying, invoking; that a higher power or ultra existence may calm the waters of your life. Or perhaps shed a mirage of light into the bleakness of your being. Continue reading


Top 3 Reasons To Visit Nairobi

Why visit Nairobi? I’ve toyed with and pitchforked that question over and over in my mind all weekend. Not that I didn’t have any reasons to begin with. It’s just one of those topics that you never give proper consideration. Living in the city, you kind of get accustomed to that set routine that feeds your plate and buys you things to satisfy the ego that you fail to take notice of the simpler beauties that exist beyond the constant toil of life.

To fully immerse my head into the sands of this piece, I cleared out my schedule and took some time out from the grind of life. Left with nothing to do but listen to my growing collection of music, and consume whatever it was I ate on that day; I was finally able to wrap my brain’s tentacles around the slippery thoughts in my head and turn them into words.

With kind pleasure, ladies and gentlemen, here’s introducing the first part of a three part series on why Nairobi is an ideal destination for you. A city that stretches beyond the (duly) glorified national park, and comes alive every so often – most especially on the weekends, as you will soon find out. Continue reading

Sorry World, Here’s 9 True Reasons to Visit Kenya

The world, uhmm…most of it, seems to have this perception of Africa as being wild and untamed. A vast conservancy filled with half-clad Maasai warriors chasing after wild lions. Lions which, in turn, want to turn some dainty gazelles gracefully darting through the savannahs into a pile of minced meat.

Well, world, I hate to break it to you: Africa is quite the buzzing whiz running around in an uncontrollable fit of technological buzz. A curly haired lady, with all manner of smartphones and smart gadgets clinging to her arms and ears, who sends emojis of broad-shouldered, muscular, smiley men to her Facebook friends. Yes people, Africa does have a Facebook account. I believe even Australia has fewer friends. You can Google that if you have to. I stand by my word.

Now, most of these misconceptions are actually fueled by media misinformation. The damned black box, the internet and glossy covered magazines have formed a lie-fabrication alliance so strong, Continue reading

A Neighborhood Dusk

Hanky-Panky in Asmara

I’m back. That can only mean one thing: I am not LOST.

At least not entirely as I was the last time I blogged. Good news is, I was able to pay off my dreadful loan and moved to a new house. I am elated with the move because our previous shit-hole of a house was able to single-handedly bring out the COMPLETE WORST in me. Yes I blame the house for my being lost. That aside, today I want to talk about this super cosy place I have been to more than once. Asmara. Continue reading

What’s In a Child?

There’s always that one thing that makes all the difference in how we feel about certain things in life. Well for me it’s normally music, art, or photography. But not anymore. I’m now stepping out of my beautifully crafted bubble, and being alive again.

I recently had the chance to accompany a young school that caters for well and able children, alongside children with special needs, to a trip to the Mamba Village in Karen, and later to the Bomas of Kenya. Continue reading