3 More Reasons to Visit Nairobi

Its a cold, rainy day. A promised lapse of 24 hours filled with dire and hellish gloom. Every living thing I see is muzzled in woolen, wintry clothes, heavy leather jackets are a dime a dozen, and not forgetting the many scarves flying about. The roads are wet, the pavements slick with grime, the air foggy, and the rain unyielding in its soddy torment.

Its just the kind of weather that Nairobians abhor. Absolutely. We’re sort of used to it, but don’t enjoy it one bit. Ask us to walk over flaming coals and most will gladly oblige. Anything but this weather. What with its uncanny ability to draw madness out of people, especially drivers, and the blasted traffic that is the result of this madness. It’s just not our cup of tea, or our bowl of porridge either.

As I write this, I’m stuck in a 2 kilometre convoy of cars driven by deranged drivers. Most seem to be possessed Continue reading